Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Not Adios, Just Hasta Luego

I've been back for over a week now and have realized it's time to write my concluding blog post.  Apologies if it gets a little cheesy/dramatic!

The last few days of Spain were truly a whirlwind of emotions.  I had no idea what I should be feeling or how I should act.  So I studied for finals, ate a lot of ice cream, and hung out with my friends in our Spanish beautiful city.  I practiced my Spanish as much as I could and tried to keep the sadness at bay as the semester came to an end.  Saying goodbye to Ana was pretty awful, as was saying goodbye to all my new friends who don't go to University of Delaware.  Not going to lie, the day before we left Granada, I had a hard time remembering why I had been looking forward to going home.

Nonetheless, we all left at 4:45am on Friday morning to begin our 18+ hour journey home.  Once the airplane left Granada, I got less sad and more excited to go home, so that was good.  In the afternoon, (10pm my time!) we landed at JFK airport, where both of my parents were waiting to welcome be back to the United States.  Now, eight extremely jet-lagged days later, Granada sometimes feels like a dream.  Sometimes I can't believe I lived in a Spanish city.  I conquered the language and the culture and truly made a home in a foreign place.  I've made incredible friends and a second family in that small city and leaving all that behind was frankly depressing.  Especially after I'd spent close to 5 years planning on going abroad spring semester of my junior year!  I know I'll go back one day, and although it won't be anything close to what I had these past five months in Granada, I look forward to returning to my second home and sharing it with my family :-)

Thanks to everyone who has followed my Spain blog over the last 5 months--it was always really nice to know that I was writing to a (small but mighty!) audience.  I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my experiences in Spain and beyond just as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.

Hasta luego, blog readers!  Enjoy your summer.

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